Here is a list of games in my current collection. Each game has a dedicated set of pages. These pages include a short game review, game photos, my personal history, promotional item scans, and much more. Some also include various MEDIA such as sounds (.wav files) and videos (.mpg). I will be updating this site regularly, so please check back. Feel free to click on the links below for the individual pages!!

Cleaned-up and updated logos on this page: 04/29/16

Cyclone (1988 Williams)

TAXI (1988 Williams)

EARTHSHAKER (1989 Williams)

WHIRLWIND (1990 Williams)

DINER (1990 Williams)

FUNHOUSE (1990 Williams)

THE GETAWAY (1992 Williams)

THE ADDAMS FAMILY (1992 Bally/Williams)

FISH TALES (1992 Williams)

WHITE WATER (1993 Williams)

Indiana Jones (1993 Williams)

THE SHADOW (1994 Bally / Williams)

SCARED STIFF (1996 Bally/Williams)

MEDIEVAL MADNESS (1997 Williams)

NO GOOD GOFERS (1997 Williams)

TERMINATOR 3 (2003 Stern Pinball)

FAMILY GUY (2007 Stern Pinball)

TRON LEGACY (2011 Stern Pinball)

GHOSTBUSTERS (2016 Stern Pinball)

DONKEY KONG (1981 Nintendo)