Williams, 1990

"Feel the Power of the Wind!"



Member of my collection: 2006



System-11 games have a soft-spot in my heart and will always rank as my favorite era of pinball. I can tell you where the games were located, who I played them with, how much time I spent on them........I can literally give you a distinct diary of each. Whirlwind is no exception. The unique disaster theme (sitting side-by-side with Earthshaker being a no-brainer), the fan at the top that blows air during the tornado, the ability to complete the cellar-door panels, the main ramp locks........just plain fun. It's a great game that I absolutely love. It is extremely nostalgic and will never leave the collection. "Feel the power!"



WHIRLWIND PICS: Photos from my WW game.

WHIRLWIND, MY STORY: My personal history with the game.

WHIRLWIND, MY GAME: My personal machine and information.


WHIRLWIND PROMOS: Scans of my WW promotional materials.

WHIRLWIND IPDB ENTRY: The Internet Pinball Database entry for WW (off-site)