Williams, 1990

"This Game's Really Cookin'"



Member of my collection: 2005



Some games are very nostalgic to me. The sounds, music and designs of certain machines bring back a "feeling" from my childhood. A "feeling" which really can't be described. Diner was one of these games. I grew up with it. It was released during one of pinball's brighter moments. Its beautiful layout and appealing Diner "theme" always reeled me back in. Your goal is to serve all five of the hungry customers begging for service. After that, you light Dine Time, a timed mode which awards a jackpot payoff. It's a unique task. Mark Ritchie, creator of Taxi and Fish Tales, is one of my favorite designers. His games always retain their individual "themes" and this is evident all around the game. That was my original attraction to Diner and the reason I now consider it a classic.



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