Williams, 1992

"Shift into HIGH gear!"

Member of my collection: 2002

When Steve Ritchie's High Speed reached the public in 1986, the response was amazing. The game exploded and started a new era of pinball. In 1992, an updated version of this ground breaking machine was created called The Getaway. The layout of the playfield was similar to the original. In fact, it was nearly identical. The red siren light atop the backbox was present. Even the main goal of the game (to run the red light and escape from the cops) remained the same. However, there were enough new and unique goodies to make The Getaway stand out on its own. The sound was updated with more speech and music, the Super Charger ramp on the playfield was an awesome gimmick (looping your ball at high speed), the dot matrix animations were fun and the gear shift ball launcher was a blast to operate. The Getaway is truly a 90s tribute to one of the greatest games from the 80s. "Dispatch this is 504, he got away over!"


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