Williams, 1992

"Catch Em All - Hook Line and Sinker"

Member of my collection: 2001

Some pinball machines have a feel like no other. They have a "flow" which can't be explained. Fish Tales is one such machine. It has fast/furious gameplay with sharp loops, dangerous outlanes and a fun figure-8 boat ramp dead center on the playfield. I also believe that FT is one of the most beautiful games to be released in the early 90s with eye-catching colors and wonderful artwork. The toe-tappin' bluegrass music is fun, the speech (what little there is) brings a smile to my face, and the overall theme is always a treat. Fish Tales is a delight for both the seasoned fisherman and the average guy next door.


FISH TALES PICS: Photos of my FT game.

FISH TALES, MY STORY: My personal history with the game.

FISH TALES, MY GAME: My personal machine and information.

FISH TALES, MY RESTORATION: My FT restoration project (w/pics).

FISH TALES PROMOS: Scans of my FT promotional materials.

FISH TALES QUOTE LIST: A short write-up of the FT sound bites.

FISH TALES IPDB ENTRY: The Internet Pinball Database entry for FT (off-site)