Williams, 1988

"Get ready for the Taxi everyone's going
to be lining up for!"

Member of my collection: 2002

When I think of 80s pinball, the name Taxi immediately comes to mind. It was the first game to truly start my pinball "addiction," which has continued even today. The interesting rules (picking up five unique passengers and dropping them off for the jackpot) were something I had never seen before. The bright yellow cabinet, fare meter and "Taxi" topper just screamed city cab. The voices of each character waving down the cab were great. The spin-out skillshot, the Joyride mystery award, the "flow" of the ramps, 2-ball multi-ball, and the Million shot......what a combination. Taxi will always be a classic in my eyes. Mark Ritchie's overall package epitomized everything that was great about 80s pinball. "Yo' Taxi!"


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