Williams, 1989

"It's a moving experience!"



Member of my collection: 2005



Earthshaker and System-11 Williams' games in general hold a lot of memories for me. The sounds/speech, the music, the rulesets........all of them were part of my pinball childhood. And, all combined together to make excellent games. ESHK is definitely one of my favorites. Your goal is to visit the various fault zones. Once you do, the earthquake will begin and you then can buildup the ramp shots for jackpot. Other features include a shaker motor (first of its kind), unique ball lock where a model of Nevada and California "split" to hold the ball, bright and crazy light show and some excellent sound and music. Let's not forget the evil nasty swear word people had trouble with in the late 80s (and that a special "family" ROM was created for): "Bitchin'!" How times have changed. However, ESHK remains a blast.



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