Nintendo, 1981

"Everyone's going APE over Donkey Kong!"

Member of my collection: 2004



Although I once had a Mario Bros. arcade game in my collection, it was not intended to be a permanent addition but rather was purchased in a "bulk-buy" with another pin. I am a dedicated "pin-head", however I had always intended to add a couple of nostalgic classic vids into my gameroom. And with that addition, the complete teardown and restoration of them as well (just like my pins). After a few discussions with Gorfman online, convincing my friend Thomas to drive me down to Ohio, and scrounging up a few extra bucks, I was off to pickup two Donkey Kong projects.

DK was Nintendo's break-through game in the arcade market which, in many ways, started a new phenomenon. With over 65,000 machines sold in the US, Donkey Kong took off like a shot and very quickly. It is extremely nostalgic for me as I played it immensely as a kid, always a game I had on the top of my "want" list.

Pics of the finished game !

Pics of restoration progress !

Pics of trip to pick up the games!