Family Guy

Stern Pinball, Inc., 2007

"Victory shall be mine!"

Member of my collection: 2007

Stern is the last manufacturer in the United States making pinball machines. With games like Family Guy, Pirates of the Caribbean and many of their excellent previous releases, I am thankful for that fact. Family Guy is a Pat Lawlor design with many influences by other talented veterans of pinball new and old. It has a unique set of ball shots with interesting gimmicks and one of the best toys to be on a game in quite sometime, Stewie's Pinball. The rules are deep and always a challenge. The music and speech is some of the best ever (with so many quotes from the license that you'll never get bored). All around, Family Guy is an excellent package and stands toe-to-toe with some of the best STERN, and possibly pinball, has to offer.
"Damn you silver orb!"


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FAMILY GUY VIDEO REVIEW: My video review of FGY (delivery, open box, gameplay....more).

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