I picked up Who Dunnit? off of the Mr. Pinball Classifieds. It was listed as "unshopped" and "recently off route". Scott Dickson hooked me up with a great price and a great machine. The game arrived early June 2003. Thank you Scott.

The first thing I did was perform a general assessment. The slot machine reels worked perfect (which seem to often be broken or off-track). However, they were filthy. In fact, so was the entire game. Luckily, everything cleaned up well in the end.

I was happy to see a playfield mylar installed in the center. Most WDs I have encountered exhibit raised inserts (and there are a lot of inserts above the flippers). As a result, the ball chips away on the edges causing missing paint. While the inserts on this specimen are slightly raised, the mylar has protected them from chipping. They look great.


The cabinet was beautiful with no fade. Half of the lights were off and the backbox was completely dark. The game needed some TLC but turned out very nice.

I love WD? It has a unique feel and is different than any other games I own.

"And then........I was on the case!"


After a year and 1/2, I found myself not getting the urge to visit Tony's Casino. I LOVE Who Dunnit?. But, as a home-game, it ran its course.

Luckily, I found a great guy named Wade from West Virginia. He drove all the way down to take a look at the machine. It went to a good home!


Who Dunnit? Misc. Projects:

June 26, 2003: A row of switches (pop bumpers/slings) were "shorted on". Replaced the CPU chip at U20 to correct the problem.

June 20, 2003: Replaced four bad mircoswitches. Replaced the cooked GI connector and hi-temp connector. Uploaded a pic of this HERE!

June 11, 2003: Sprayed coin-door. It came out awesome! Uploaded a progress pic HERE!

June 10, 2003: Finished initial cleaning and replacing of parts. Placed an order for some new switches (a few of them were badly damaged/corroded). I replaced a shorted transistor on the power driver board causing a flashlamp to be stuck on. I also noticed that the GI connector was cooked, causing half the lights not to work. The black hi-temp connector fell apart into pieces. I've never seen that before. :)

June 5 - 6, 2003: I shopped the game thoroughly taking everything off of the playfield and cleaning. It was filthy. However, it cleaned up beautiful (even the slot machine area which I thought was old and scratched turned out spotless). The second day, girlfriend Jamie helped with the shopping underneath cleaning each insert/ramp. New rubber rings, bulbs and rebuilt flippers were installed. Initial pics of the shop job: HERE!



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