The first time I had an opportunity to play Who Dunnit? was via the Visual Pinball computer simulation. Although VP could never take the place of a real machine, it does give us collectors a chance to "try out" games we may otherwise never see in person. Since I never saw WD? locally, I was happy to get a small taste of the rules, sounds and layout.

Immediately I was drawn to the theme. However, I wanted to try the "real" game before making a decision to buy it for my collection. That's when the York 2002 pinball show came in!

Someone brought a Who Dunnit? to share with the gang and I thank them. Both myself and friend Pat played WD? quite a bit over that weekend. The atmosphere of the machine is unbeatable and the game is unique in its interactive modes.

After performing research on the machine, I found that WD? is a rather affordable late-model Bally/Williams pinball. They made very few of them (+/- 2500). Yet, it did not gain a huge following as many others have from the later years. appeared pinball crime solving would soon be in my future.



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