Bally/Williams, 1995

"Everyone's DYING to know WHO dunnit!"

Member of my collection: 2003
Left my collection: 2004

Who Dunnit? is a different twist to, what we know as, traditional pinball. While it includes a variety of unique shots, two flippers, bumpers, a plunger, targets and other items you would expect, it is also extremely interactive. Your goal is to interrogate suspects and collect clues eventually leading to the choosing of "who dunnit" and the possible capture of the killer! There is also a working slot machine in the center of the playfield, your chance to bet on roulette and possibly lose it all, various mystery awards, and more. WD? has a unique feel in both its presentation and style. Not to mention a cool 30s nostalgic feel, well integrated murder-mystery theme, Peter Gunn music and great casino tie-in. Cliffy on the pinball newsgroup said it best, "Who Dunnit? is cool!"


WHO DUNNIT? PICS: Photos of my previous WD? machine.

WHO DUNNIT?, MY STORY: My personal history with the game.

WHO DUNNIT?, MY GAME: My personal machine and information.

WHO DUNNIT?, COMMENTARY: WD?, my thoughts.

WHO DUNNIT? BACKGROUND: Information on the WD? back-story (from the manual)

WHO DUNNIT? MIDNIGHT MADNESS?: The secret Midnight Madness mode!

WHO DUNNIT? MEDIA: A few sounds and an .mpg from WD?

WHO DUNNIT? PROMOS: Scans of my WD? promotional materials (+ wants).

WHO DUNNIT? IPDB ENTRY: The Internet Pinball Database entry for WD? (off-site)