Buried within Who Dunnit? is a special mode. It seems to start out of nowhere. However, it is rather basic in design and has appeared in many Bally/Williams games.
It's called "Midnight Madness!"


The premise is very simple. If the clock is set correctly in the computer, the game will hit "Midnight Madness" at..........you'll never guess.........midnight. If someone is in the middle of a game, it will happen during play. If a game is not active, it will occur at the first ball-start.

At the beginning you will hear "I was afraid of this". After a few seconds of gameplay, the flippers will go dead. The balls you have in play will drain. The playfield goes dark. The game will shut-down. It will appear as if you tilted the game. But did you?

Nope! "Midnight Madness" will now flash on the screen. It will then empty every ball inside the machine and start MM multi-ball. Every hit is worth three million and a "BOOM", "BLAM", "DOH!", etc. will appear on the dot matrix with each score.

Check out the pics above of this mode. I also have some sound clips to download:

GAME START: "I was afraid of this"

This feature was also present in a handful of other late-model Bally/Williams games including Dirty Harry, Johnny Mneumonic, Junkyard, etc. It's a unique feature. I can't wait to see who gets Midnight Madness during the next party. I will have my camera ready. LOL.