Stern Pinball, Inc., 2001

"Own It All!!!"

Member of my collection: 2001
Left my collection: 2003

Stern is the last man standing. The last company making new pinball machines. The last force in the "silver ball" universe. Monopoly is a timeless classic. A license that cannot go unrecognized. A board-game that has brought so many people entertainment for decades. Mix the two together and you have an excellent Stern effort and a fantastic achievement in the pinball time-line. A wonderful Pat Lawlor design with bright colors, fun game-play, excellent rules, and the ability to drag you back in for more. An A+ attempt and my first New-In-Box purchase! Monopoly reminds us that pinball is still around, and the fun will never fade. "Be a tycoon!!"


MONOPOLY PICS: Photos from my previous MPLY machine.

MONOPOLY, MY STORY: My personal history with the game.

MONOPOLY, MY GAME: My personal machine and information.

MONOPOLY, OPEN BOX CEREMONIES: My New-In-Box "unveiling" ceremony.

MONOPOLY, "FIXES": Info on the Monopoly fixes.

MONOPOLY MEDIA: A few sounds and an .mpg from MPLY.

MONOPOLY PROMOS: Scans of my MPLY promotional materials.

MONOPOLY IPDB ENTRY: The Internet Pinball Database entry for MPLY (off-site)