Getting a "New-In-Box" pinball machine from the factory is a wonderful and unique experience. As I mentioned in my other write-ups, I took a chance with Monopoly and it paid off considerably. I took some snapshots of the unboxing with a disposable camera and scanned them in. You can enlarge any of these pictures by clicking on them.

The Stern shipping box.

The game slides out rather easy from the box itself.

Another shot of the game sliding out of the box.

The game completely out of the box.

The first lifting of the backbox.

Front legs on......

......Back legs on.

Inside the coin-box: a bunch of goodies including the "tilt" bob, balls, etc.

Game turned on for the first time.

Set-up in the "gameroom"

First person to play the set-up game, my friend Chris.

Me and my NIB game before opening.