Here are some sounds I had grabbed from Monopoly during play.
The sounds are all in .WAV format. Most are 15s. or less (none are over 30s.).

1. GAME START: Game Start / Free Money Mode.
2. CHASE MODE: "We can beat him!!"
3. BALL SAVE: "Stay right there ole' chum"
4. CASH GRAB: Chance card / "Cash grab!!"
5. UTILITIES: "Utility overload!!!!"
6. EXTRA BALL: Extra ball lit and awarded.
7. RAILROAD MB: Railroad multiball started w/ jackpot.
8. JAIL: Jail mode.
9. GO!!!: "Advance to go!"
10. FREE PARKING MB: "Free parking, is free money!"
11. LAND GRAB: "It's time for land grab!!" (60 sec.)
12. GAME END: Ball bonus / initials entered

Want more MPLY sound clips? Try Brendan's Monopoly page (offsite):

The Monopoly "match" distracts a few party-goers.
Here is a 10 second .mpg.

"MPLY MATCH!" (917kb w/ sound)