I asked-off work to patiently wait for the delivery truck during a cold morning in March 2007. Thanks to Jack at, it arrived quickly and on schedule. Luckily, my friend Bob had a longer lunch-break than usual. So, he met me for the "dragging down the stairs and unboxing" ceremonies.

After unpacking and playing my first game, I could tell right away that I made the right decision. It is definitely a solid playing game with a lot going on. I'd also venture to say that the music and speech is some of the best I have heard in a long while.

The flippers are strong and the buttons themselves feel more sensitive (much like a Williams game) so they require less force. I also noticed extremely strong slingshot kickers. The "thud, thud" of the earlier kickers is now a "WHAM, WHAM" as it throws the ball into the glass.

The key to a great game when dealing with a licensed theme is to have a good playing machine underneath the license. Eventually, you'll know every quote, have heard every music track and be able to mimmick every sound effect on cue. Therefore, if the game doesn't play great underneath, the machine quickly becomes a bore-fest.

Family Guy has those extra legs that will definitely keep me coming back for more. Congrats to Stern, PLD and everyone involved for taking this license and giving it everything they had.

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