Family Guy Pinball
"Video Review"


Thank you for the wonderful feedback I received after uploading this review in May of 2007.
The video link on YouTube is below:

E-mail me with any questions/comments:
or leave a comment at YouTube. :)

Here are a few choice selections of what people are saying:

"Chris - awesome video review! We have a FG pinball at the Family Guy animation studio.
Everyone at Family Guy thinks your video is freakin' sweet! :)"
Greg (Family Guy Animation Studio)

"Wow. Nice job on the feature."
Pat Lawlor (Pat Lawlor Design)

"Great Job. It reminded me of the video promos Williams did on many of their games. Very well done, Stern should consider doing this for all their games, and letting YOU do them!"
Jim Schelberg (

"Chris, This is without a doubt, the best pinball video anybody here has ever done.
Awesome work!"
Magic Mike (

Jack Guarnieri (

"CHRIS: Good God that was Nice!!! Thanks for sharing, and please keep making these reviews!
(Laughed my arse off at the wallet joke!)"
80's GUY! (

"In echo to the other posts...great job Chris! Seems like it could almost be used by the Stern company for a promo. Great humor in it too..."

"Chris, Great job on the video review - real professional production.
It is real hard for me to imagine gameplay from the written word alone, so this was perfect.
I can't wait to play FGY!
miknren (

Top notch production, great editing.. very well done. Thanks for sharing.
I have not had a chance to play the game yet & now I want to play it even more."
Chris Redinger (

Great video Chris!!!
"...just got done watching your Family Guy review and I gotta say that its fantastic!"
Drew (MySpace, Erie's Pinball League)

Great video Chris!!!
Nicely filmed and edited! I'm not a Family Guy "Guy" but I really enjoyed watching this vid and learning about the game...
skbrothers (

Wow! I am thoroughly impressed!
The camera work was top notch, and the video had a nice flow to it. It was very informative, and I would think any new owner of a FG would find it very useful. I like that you took the time to include the unpacking and setting up so any first- time owners could see how it's done. But still as a pinball junkie, that was a really good video! I haven't gotten to play one yet, but now I HAVE TO! Great job, I hope to see more in the future!
Trevor (

Your video...was top notch, excellent quality on all front's. Great shooting, great sound, editing, chyron (lower third effects), effects, script and excellent on-camera personality with the ability to make people care about what you are saying. I like the fact that you had great sound and didn't do what most people do and rely on a crappy camera mic that actually has you "off-mic" more often than not....
Keep it up and make some more video's!!!
Kevin (

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