For me to buy a game sight-unseen, it has to really resonate with me in a positive way right off the bat. A new-in-box pinball machine is not a cheap proposition, even if there is something in my collection I can sell to buy it. In fact, the NIB price is the highest I will ever pay for a game (Big Bang Bar being the only exception to this rule).

Well...........time to start rolling the spare change..........Family Guy is on the way.

Family Guy combines some of the best things I enjoy all in one neat package. A favorite license. A favorite hobby. A favorite designer. One of my favorite pinball companies.

Even before seeing photos for the machine, I knew I had to have it. Family Guy is one of my favorite television shows that I absolutely love. Constant line repeating is not uncommon, to the chagrin of many friends and family.

I was a fan, thanks to my friend Pat Devlin who got me hooked on it, back in their earlier seasons. Now, I try to follow it as the new ones are released the best I can. Even though the show is not as solid as it once was, I still consider myself a HUGE fan.

So my first thought is, "Oh cool.......a Family Guy pinball machine. What a great license. I can't wait to play this one."

Then I hear Pat Lawlor and gang are tied to it. "Oh cool......another Lawlor design."

And the rest, as we say, is history......

My story continues with information and pictures from my
Family Guy game HERE