.....and I found it. ;)

The cabinet is a little rougher than I would like. However, it was the playfield I was most interested in. Finding a Diner playfield with no missing paint on the non-mylar areas and lack of discoloration was not an easy task. They all seem to have plenty of problems (though the mylar areas stayed in good shape, you know for a fact pulling that mylar up would reveal some wonderful missing paint).

In comes Jeff from Edmonds, WA. He had a "diamond plated" Diner (one of the 100 or 200 early specimens) that had very little wear. After seeing some pics, I was hooked and had to have the machine. The playfield shines extremely well and the insert wear around the characters and middle areas is extremely minor. This particular specimen also has the early yellow wireform (most production games had chrome).

I'm not an "anal" clear-coat advocate. My Funhouse and Earthshaker look excellent as they are with a little work to get them polished up to above-average standards. However, much like my Taxi machine, I want to preserve this rare condition original playfield by having it lightly touched up and clear-coated (esentially putting a new coat of "diamond plate" on the playfield to preserve it). I feel it is my duty. Hee hee.

The cabinet I'm still torn about. I may try to find a better one and swap it out with mine. In the meantime, my overzealous girlfriend Jamie says we can "make it look new".

Yes ma'am!!!!!!

Hoping to get this one restored for the York 2007 Pinball Show. Stay tuned for more updates!




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