Here you will find the DINER owner's list where you can submit and register your own personal game. This will allow us
to keep track of where the DINER games are located around the world. It will also give other collectors/owners the
opportunity to get in touch with a wide range of enthusiasts.


To add your game, send me an e-mail (spida1@verizon.net) with your DINER information including:

1. Your name (along with a valid e-mail address. If you'd like this kept private and
not available to others, please let me know).

2. Your location (city/state/providence,etc. in which the game is located).

3. Your DINER Date of Manufacture (the best place to find this is behind the cabinet, if it isn't
there you can often acquire it on the inside of the coindoor / front of the playfield).

4. Your DINER serial number (there should be 11-digits, you can find them all over the machine
usually on the back of the cabinet).

5. Pictures or web addy (send me a photo and I'll "host" it for your game or e-mail
me a current website address)

6. Comments (a few sentences of interesting facts or stories about your personal machine)

1 Chris Bucci Erie, PA 06/11/90 571 42024 Early production model with Diamondplate playfield. Currently being clear-coated and restored. "Hey....get the lead out!"
2 Ben Faber Phoenix, AZ 6/21/90 571 I426201 Sample game with Diamondplate playfield.
3 Johan Miguet Antwerp, Belgium, EU 6/25/90 571 1426059 Rescued from a shed in 2004. in reasonably state, but needs lots of work. restoring it for the moment.
3 Frank Burgoon Pittsburgh, PA N/A 571 420910 This is my only pinball. I have owned it since the summer of 2004. In the early 80's I owned a Gottlieb Soccer.
4 Steve S. Shelby Township, MI N/A 571 420096 This one is a sample with the diamond plated playfield. It's currently being stripped and getting sent out for clear-coating.
4 Pascal Charbonneau Quebec, Canada N/A 571 421075 Dine time! Really fun game to eat at home!! Found this game with a day one mylar playfield. I'm the second owner




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