I first played Diner at Eastway Lanes (here in Erie, PA) in 1990. I immediately fell in love with it. In fact, I remember thinking that the rules reminded me of Taxi, a huge favorite of mine. Instead of picking up five passengers, however, you served five customers. The setup for multi-ball was similar (lock two, then lock two more during mb play). Plus a few other similarities. Then I come to realize it was designed by the same guy, Mark Ritchie. So............there ya' go. ;)

Unfortunately, it left that arcade about year later. SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!

I would eventually find it at a local restaurant. However, when I later saw one located in the Great Lakes Mall arcade (Mentor, OH), I was hooked even more than ever. We vacationed there often and this arcade used to house a nice bank of 8+ pinball machines, all meticulously cared for.

I spent A LOT of time in this arcade. In fact I probably put more money into Diner than any of the other games there. Unfortunately, the arcade slowly began to fall apart in the late 90s and a poorly maintained Diner was the result. And.....they wanted $1,500 for it beat up and mangled. Pass!! search was one for a nice copy of one of my favorite nostalgic games..........



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