Often I will "pickup" or "endup with" a project game. A game not part of my personal collection but rather
ones which are fixed up/cleaned up/'n sold. Each one has a quick story to tell. Click on the picture for various pics and information on the machine.

F14 TOMCAT (1987 Williams)

A great playing game with fast shots and crazy fun. This game was pulled apart for shopping and repair.

BIG GUNS (1988 Williams)

An average condition, previously operated game that resided in a lady's garage
for almost a decade. Very filthy and dirty.
But, it went to a good home.

DEMOLITION MAN (1994 Williams)

I picked this game up for cleaning, shopping and selling.
It came out great and was even used in a party and tournament.

TWILIGHT ZONE (1993 Bally/Williams)

This TZ is actually bitter-sweet.
It looked great at the beginning but became a nightmare.

JOKERZ (1988 Williams)

I picked up Jokerz from Barry (a collector friend in Cleveland) in the summer of 2003
for $400. It was a "project" game to be cleaned and sold. I put about $200 into it
and the final result was pretty good. Fun little game!
"Quiet, we are playing!" ;)

JUDGE DREDD (1993 Bally / Williams)

I picked up Judge Dredd in 2001 off a soon-to-be-collector-friend Barry. It was
a "transitional" game I was going to sell anyway (but traded with Barry to get it
off his hands). However, it did grow on me in the time I owned it.

FISH TALES (1992 Williams)

What I call Fish Tales #2. It was the second of the two FT games (along
with NOS parts) that I snagged in order to build my keeper machine.

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