I picked up my first TAXI in 1993 at age 16. I saved up my Christmas and Birthday money and handed it over sometime in February of that year. It was finally delivered by Erie Coin Vending a couple of months later. The machine was, not only, my most nostalgic game of the past, but also my first pinball ever. Plus, this particular machine was the same game on location at Eastway Bowling Lanes, one I played numerous times before.

The game was in average operated shape with spit and duct tape in all areas. I was very unaware of how to fix anything like this and called their technician numerous times for help. In fact, we all became friends as he showed me some of the inner workings of a solid-state pinball machine. We kept in touch for a few years until I moved into a home and the collection began to grow.

Eventually, I sold Taxi because I was unhappy with the condition of the internals and externals. I knew I would get a nicer one in the future. But, I will admit to being sad seeing my first machine roll away in a truck, gone for good.

Fast-forward to 2002…..

I was put in contact with a guy named Dave. Dave said he had a Taxi that was in great shape and currently stored away for the last few years. He was willing to part with it and knew that it would be something I would be interested in.

After a few photos and some negotiation, the money was on the way and the game arrived.

It was beautiful. It has literally been home-owned since new. However, it was used in one location for a brief time……pinball Expo 1988. That’s right. This particular Taxi was one of the Expo tournament games from 1988. The winner received one of the games as a prize. However, the winner of this machine did not want it and traded it off to Dave at that very same Expo. David had it setup for a time and then stored it away.

After years of searching, my keeper Taxi has arrived. Obviously the rest of the restoration story and steps I went through to get this game running is documented on other pages of this site. But, it is definitely a gorgeous specimen and will be the last to ever leave my collection.





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