Here are step-by-step instructions for adding "lit-up" candle flames to your Scared Stiff skull pile. All together, it does not cost much, is somewhat easy to perform, and looks fantastic. Before we start, I want to thank some people. First of all, thanks to Robert Winter for his knowledge and information on Scared Stiff. His website retained my first look at this particular modification and the information uploaded is invaluable. Check it out here!

Secondly, thanks to Jan (WNUTS) for sending me some materials. This helped fuel my project and the reason it came out so nice in the end. If you click on the picture at the right, you'll see how the game looks without the candle lights.

HISTORY: In 1999, Robert Winter posted to the rec.games.pinball newsgroup with an exclusive Dennis Nordman (the initial designer of SS) interview. It revolved around cuts made to the game at various stages of its life. One paragraph stated this:

"The candles used to have GI lights behind the flame. You could put some yellow acetate plastic behind the flames with some foil behind that. It would look better than black flames!..."

To read the rest of this article (very interesting), click HERE. He also talks about a nice modification you can make to the bony beast ramp "eyes". That looks cool too.

MATERIALS: Overall, it should cost around $10.00 to complete this modification depending on how many parts you have on-hand (like bulbs and regular stranded wire). I had some of these items laying around; so the cost was minimal. Keep in mind, this is just a "guide" as to how I performed the modification. I'm sure there are other ways you can perform this task and get the same, if not different, results. Anyway, here is what you will need:

Click on the photo for more specific info on each item

1. Bulb socket (2)

2. Acetate sheets (or similar) and foil

3. "Orange" bulb covers (2)

4. #44 or #47 bulbs (2)

5. Regular stranded wire (to connect sockets to GI string)

6. Two long screws (to mount skull pile farther from the backboard)