Welcome to my Fish Tales quotes page. I have no idea why I typed this up. But.....here it is!!

There are some funny ones in the mix and I feel they deserve to be mentioned. This is in no way complete and is also my first attempt at a quote sheet. If I am missing one (or something isn't correct), please contact me. Thanks for reading!



Game Startup:
"Gone Fishin', leave a message..*beep*"

Telling a Lie:
"Biggest Fish...I've ever seen"
"It was this big man I'm not kidding"
"You would not believe it was this big I......"

Lie Rating:
"Wo.....what a beauty"
"Nice Fish"
"Wo...you're not gonna' eat that are ya?"
"Oh yeah, that's a keeper!"
"Get Outta' Here!!"

Catching a fish (stringer):
"Wo, you got one on there 'eh?"
"Wo, big one!!"
"Get the net"
"How big was it?"

Feeding Frenzy:
"It's a feeding frenzy!!!"

Video Mode:
"Hey Bob....look....waterskiers"

Captive Ball:
"Rock the Boat"
"And there they go"

Ball Saver:
"Don't move!!"
"There it goes!!"

After Match:
"Hey Bob....who is that guy anyway?"
"Oh yeah..."

Open Casters Club:
"Tournament Today....sign up now"
"Welcome to the fishing tournament"
"Enter the tournament....and win big!!"

"You've mastered....tropical fishing"
"You've mastered...fresh water fishing"
"You've mastered...deep sea fishing"
"Up to the top for jackpot!"
"Up to the top for double jackpot!"
"Double Jackpot!!"
"Suuuper Jaaaackpot!!!"

Reel ejects:
"Here it comes!"

Boat Ramps:
"Wahoo hoo hoo"
"Double cross!!!"

Ball waiting:
"Ya' gonna' talk....or ya' gonna' fish??"



Thanks for reading my quote list. Please let me know if things are a little weird or there is something I have missed.