Fish Tales was a machine I remember playing during its initial release in 1992. I was on vacation and flipped-away on a ton of games before leaving the arcade. After that day, FT was never seen again..........

.....until 1998 when I located one at a nearby movie theater called Cinema World. I found myself playing it like crazy at this location. I couldn't get enough of it. I was mesmerized by the beautiful colors, fantastic "blue grass" tunes, and fast/furious gameplay. Ironically, the "fish" at the top was missing. Why do people remove the toppers?

It had been six years since I originally played the game. I would often go to this theater just to drop coins into FT. I couldn't pry myself away. It had a feel like no other machine I could remember. It was my mission to own the game one day. Some day. Some how! Some way!!!!!!

My story continues with information and pictures from my
Fish Tales game HERE