Before I traded my previous World Cup Soccer '94, I shot a videotape of it to send to the buyer (so he could
check out the condition of the machine). Here are a few sounds I grabbed from that tape.
The sounds are all in .WAV format. Most are 15s. or less (none are over 30s.).

1. GAME START: Game Start / Goal.
2. GOAL #2: "Gooooaaaalllllllll!!!!!!"
3. BIG GOAL ROUND: "It's big goal round!"
4. ANTICIPATION: "The crowd is waiting in anticipation!"
5. MULTIBALL!: Final Draw started / Jackpot awarded!
6. STRIKER?: "Where's Sriker?"
7. CONTROL: "They can't seem to get control of the ball!"
8. BALL SAVE: "Out of bounds!"

Pinball playin' Pat finally makes a goal on his last ball.
Unfortunately, the celebration almost causes a drain. Here is
a 6 second .mpg.

"Goooaaalll!!!!!" (525kb w/ sound)