Here are pictures taken of my previous World Cup Soccer '94 machine.
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The following were taken with a disposable camera and scanned.



In the year 2000, I decided that Cyclone was ready to go. While always destined to be one of my favorites, it didn't survive the home "addiction test". I got the WCS'94 in trade from SRG Industries in Canada (who originally sold me Star Trek: The Next Generation).

The WCS'94 was pretty nice but in "average" condition. The cabinet sides were about 50% faded. The yellow around the goalie was present but not as vibrant as it should have been. The plastics on the playfield were nice and not cracked. However, age and sun-fade made them a tad yellowed. The gold wireform ramp was slightly rusted and the playfield itself had a couple of wear marks. But, as far as the trade goes, it was still worth it. The game was pretty nice and played almost 100% upon arrival.

I loved the game. I played the hell out of it during the first few months. In fact, the game was also very popular with guests. The spinning ball. The moving goalie. The extremely bright flasher lights. Plus, nobody could get enough of "gggooooaaaallll!!!!!. I can't say that I blame them.


After less than a year, I found Striker and his soccer friends a good home. I found that this particular game just didn't make the "cut" in my personal collection for very long. The buyer Barry sent me a picture of it in his gameroom. I uploaded it here. It is always nice to see one of your games in the hands of someone who enjoys it.

"They can't seem to get control of the ball!!"