Here are some sounds I grabbed from Monster Bash during play.
The sounds are all in .WAV format. Most are 15s. or less (none are over 30s.).

1. GAME START: Game Start
2. MULTIPLE HITS: Hit to Frank / Shot in Creature scoop
3. BRIDE: Multiple loop shots spotting "Bride"
4. LOOK!: "Look master, I'm waving at you!"
5. FRANK MB: Frankenstein multiball! / "Super Jackpot baby!"
6. MUMMY: "That sarcophagus sucked!"
7. CREATURE: Start Creature Feature
8. DRACULA: Start Dracula Mode + multiple hits (clips)
9. EXTRA BALL: Extra ball awarded!

Want more MB sound clips? Try the Bally / Williams official archived website (offsite):