Johnny Mnemonic was a game I remember playing a few times during its early years on location. Each time however, the game was either off-balance, exhibited weak flippers or had a broken glove. Needless to say, none of my experiences with it were very memorable.

That is until the York 2002 pinball show! Someone brought a JM to share with the group. It worked 100%, was in great shape and played like a rocket. I spent a lot of time on the machine during those two days and was finally able to enjoy it after all these years. I must say that I was quickly hooked.

The theme itself is rather cool. Even though the movie was disappointing (if you watch it with "B-movie" in mind, you'll like it much better), the cyber-space / internet theme makes a great pinball machine. In fact, had they called JM "Pin-Ternet" or something generic, it would have worked as well.

The glove toy does hold the ball up for a bit as it moves slowly from the left to right sides. However, when working properly, it adds a really cool and nice looking twist to the game. Since an entire scene from JM revolved around the utilization of these gloves for Internet access, it is a welcome toy.

The speed of JM is amazing. The ball flies around the loops and ramps (with rebuilt flippers) like super-charged rockets. You have to be on your toes at all times. And Power Down mode is one of the coolest finales ever where the game eventually goes completely dark as you play. Although not the deepest pin for the mid-90s time period, JM is a blast. some point........I had to have one..............



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