Williams, 1995

"The Ultimate Mind Game!"



Member of my collection: 2004



Johnny Mnemonic is a "fast" game. Unfortunately, it's plagued with a not-so-popular license. Many people dismiss it as a result. There are some wicked loops and quick return ramps spread across the playfield. The major toy in the game is the Glove which acts as the center between the real and cyberspace universe. The glove captures your ball and moves it to the "matrix" on the right side where you win various awards and start multi-ball. JM hits you with some excellent hard-core-action-movie music and splits your flipper finger with nail biting speed. An excellent underrated achievement from the mid-90s.



JOHNNY MNEMONIC PICS: Photos from my JM game.

JOHNNY MNEMONIC, MY STORY: My personal history with the game.

JOHNNY MNEMONIC, MY GAME: My personal machine and information.


JOHNNY MNEMONIC PROMOS: Scans of my JM promotional materials.

JOHNNY MNEMONIC IPDB ENTRY: The Internet Pinball Database entry for JM (off-site)