Here are pictures taken of my previous ATTACK FROM MARS machine.
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The following were taken with a disposable camera and scanned.










When I saw Attack From Mars for the first time, I thought it was an older game. The playfield looked very "bare". Then I noticed the dot matrix screen and the copyright date. Hmmm.....something was up. As a result, I didn't think I was going to like it based on that first impression. However, after spending some time blowing up aliens and saucers, the rules began to make sense and the appeal (which has remained with many pinball players today) set in. I loved AFM.

In the summer of 1999, I made a deal to trade my original Fish Tales + cash for a beautiful Cirqus Voltaire. I was dealing with a guy named Phil, a collector / restorer in Pittsburgh who had also scrounged up a beautiful AFM. For some reason, I agreed to buy that one as well. I don't really remember if I was smoking something or how I thought I was going to afford it. All I remember is saying "Yes". Damn this hobby!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it to hell!!!!!!!

The game arrived and was excellent. It had no cabinet fade and just a few scratches. There was no playfield wear except for a little damage by the scoop hole (which Phil cemented and touched up). The game played like a rocket and shined. I loved it. In fact, I played the living hell out of it every day for over 8-months........






....and then the infamous trade happened. I traded the AFM for Medieval Madness and the rest is history. It is the first time a game was sold that I owned for less than a year and 1/2. This usually seems to be a perfect time-frame in which a game can hold my interest (if it isn't going to be a rare "keeper" machine). Therefore, owning AFM is kind of a blur. It came and went very fast. Although I could tell after 8-months that it probably would have not been a "keeper" (which MM definitely would be), I am glad to have had it for a short time. It's a fun game and a blast to play. In many ways, it is out of this world!

"Hey, those martians are straightening the Tower of Pisa!"