"This is the fastest pinball game I have ever played (both in ball flow and in game-time)." That was my first reaction when I left Eastway Billiards, with empty pockets, back in 1993. I couldn't believe how the game slapped me around over and over until I finally was forced to give up. That game was White Water (WH20).

Eastway Billiards was the only place I ever saw WH2O until the York 2002 pinball show. Lucky for me, it resided there for quite a long time. I would leave work (I was about 16 and working at my first job: Subway) and head straight for EB to play before the late-night "riff raff" came in.

Even though the game kicked my tail 95% of the time, it always reeled me back in for more. That was the appeal of WH20 for me. I admired the waterfall topper (the best topper ever in my opinion), motorized big foot, and bight/colorful layout. However, it was the numerous 1 minute games I had that always made me laugh.

I knew WH20 was a game I wanted to own someday, if just for the sheer fact that I could play it for free. I never realized how much fun I would actually have with the machine almost 10 years later when it made a home in my basement...........



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