When I was at the York 2002 show (more info here), I spotted a really nice White Water. It had minimal damage where there usually was a lot. A little cabinet fade on one side, where often both sides were plagued. And it worked 100%.

After talking with the owner of the machine, we agreed on a great price. Since I drove my Mercury Cougar to the show, he agreed to bring the game to me. A week was mine. Wohooo!

I could not believe how "hooked" I got on the game when it first arrived. It was a feeling I can't describe. On one game I did well. On the next, it kicked my tail! However, I never could get enough. It brought back memories from my days with it back at Eastway Billiards. That addiction is still going strong.

The game needed a little TLC, but otherwise was excellent. The previous owner installed new NOS "green lock targets" (which are always broken or often replaced with different targets). The boulder garden plastics were pretty nice and rather intact, which is always a rare sight. And the fact that it was "shopped" about 80% made me happy. I have heard that WH20 is not always the greatest game to pull apart. Still, after six months I decided to do a full shop job finally (here are some pics).

White Water has become a favorite of mine and it did so very quickly. The game is addicting and challenging. It has a great family theme, music, artwork, name it. And, that Vacation Jackpot is always "just" out of my reach.



White Water Projects:

December 2003: Tore game apart and did a full shop-job (finally). Here are some pics!

December 2, 2002: Installed an NOS chase-lamp PCB from Pinball Heaven (mine was burnt and damaged). Installed top/right bumper bulb socket (someone snipped and removed it previously). Repainted the inside/rim of the head with touchup paint from Pinball Universe (see results here).

November 21, 2002: Added extra weld to hold big-foot's left arm in place (it had a tendency to fall off). Borrowed a "torch" to clear up ramp above whirlpool.

October 22, 2002: Pulled the game semi-apart and did some cleaning in "hard to reach" areas. The game was already shopped, but just needed a little TLC. Replaced burnt-out bulbs in the waterfall header with new ones from Pinball Resource. Added fender washers to protect slingshots, boulder garden plastics, and other "known to break" parts. Removed bumper "shield" to open the right area as was originally designed (more info here).



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