Whirlwind is on the top of my "extreme nostalgia" list. In fact, sitting next to an Earthshaker is almost a no-brainer as they are both disaster games, a year apart from one another. The difference is, Earthshaker is a based on an earthquake, and Whirlwind revolves around a tornado.

Whilrwind to me equals frequent stops at Eastway Billiards. You won’t hear me mention that place much over the course of my pinball travels. It wasn’t the greatest place for a youngster to be and, as a result, I didn’t go there much (unless it was daylight). But, when they had a machine, as Whitewater before, that I had to play, no amount of fear could keep me away.

True to form, Whirlwind won that coveted spot.

The spinning discs on the playfield tossed my ball all around, making it rather unpredictable. The backbox fan really added a neat sensation to the arrival of a tornado. The ability to “complete” the cellar door panels really added that first sensation of a mode-to-wizard-mode feeling.

I rarely ever had an excellent game on Whirlwind. But, it was well worth it and I fell for it.



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