I owned my first No Good Gofers for a little over a year. I originally purchased it from Lee Sandt who sold me my MM. It was in great shape overall and really cleaned up nicely.

However, after realizing I still owed quite a bit of College money AND breaking my leg / ankle in the winter of 2003, I needed to sacrifice a game to pay some bills. And.......due to the money a NGG would bring at the time verses how much I was the game to go.

I've missed it ever since.

So, now that things are much more stable on the collecting front, I decided to pick another one up again. And thanks to Ron in Ann Arbor, MI, I found a really nice one to stick in my gameroom once more! It was part of his collection and well taken care-of. I'm extremely pleased and cannot wait to pull it apart and give it a little overhaul.

In fact, I'd say that after I'm through with this'll be nicer than my other. So how's that for turn-around. Wahooo!!!


February 18, 2005: Setup the game, ran tests and placed an order for parts.

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