Here are a few sounds from No Good Gofers. The sounds are all in .WAV format.
Most are 15s. or less (none are over 30s. unless noted).

1. LOCK ONE: "Hey Buzz, I got the ball!"
2. CLUB FOOT: "Go pound some sand......"
3. MOVING LIGHT: "Hit the moving light!!!!"
4. HIT BUZZ: Buzz smack / Lock 2
5. EASY JACKPOT: "An easy jackpot" / Ripoff lit
6. SKILL SHOT: Skill shot awarded!
7. MULTI BALL: MB started / Jackpot awarded!
8. EXTRA BALL: Extra ball lit and awarded!
9. GO-FER-IT: "Go-fer-it!"
10. SHORT CIRCUIT: "I can feel the power" / SC completed.
11. POP-A-GOFER: "You can't hit me!!"
12. HOLE IN ONE CHALLENGE: "Don't choke" (60s.)
13. END GAME: Initials entered and match. (45s.)

Want more NGG sound clips? Try the Bally / Williams official archived website (offsite):