....I found Lee Sandt, a collector / restorer near Philadelphia. He had a Medieval Madness he wanted to trade. He said he would take my AFM since it was a very nice specimen. Could it be possible that I may be able to get an MM?

I didn't hesitate. I sent the AFM out plus a few extra bucks. All of a sudden, MM arrived at my door. I would have to say I got very lucky and picked a good time to trade. Not more than a year later, MMs were popping up on Ebay for over $5,000. Whew! Thanks a million Lee!!!!!

The game was in overall excellent condition. Before I even talked to Lee about the game, he had already shopped it out with new rubber rings, wax job and rebuilt flippers. It played beautiful and he did an excellent shop job. The cabinet was in great shape except for one little chip touched up on the left side. The translite was perfect. The playfield was also perfect with no wear, raised inserts or cracked plastics. The game, overall, shined!!

Somehow in delivery one of the castle springs had broken off causing one of the towers not to shudder. Luckliy, I had some of these springs laying around. A quick swap and BANG! MM was ready to be played.

It has been a worthy addition to Bucci's Pinball Arcade. It is always a very popular game with guests and remains a member of my top favorites. It is a permanent addition to my collection. So all I can say is:

"Come on in and we'll take this outside!"


MM Projects:

December 1, 2002: Noticed the left flipper was falling down and not very powerful. A closer inspection revealed a crack in the metal bracket holding it in place. I swapped brackets with a new one I had in my spare parts. Nice and powerful flipper as a result. All set for the X-Mas party. Whew! No MM for the party? I didn't want to get shot! :)


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