In 1992 I was walking into the local bowling alley where my friends and I would hang out (called EastWay Lanes here in Erie, PA). They had a small arcade in the corner, which usually was home to at least two pinball machines. I had recently become a huge fan of the Addams Family motion picture and was extremely intrigued to see a game based on it.


Little did I know this initial curiosity would later turn into an Addams addiction. I continued throughout the evening dropping quarter after quarter into the family vault and staring in amazement as Thing came out of his box to "lend a hand". While the jackpot was rather out of my reach, I was able to complete many of the mansion rooms (an integral part of the game). I was desperate to finish the rules some day.

At this time I was playing heavily on pinballs such as Funhouse and Terminator 2 at Putt Putt Golf 'n Games. Therefore, I didn't get a chance to play many games of TAF. I was unable to complete the mansion, grab a jackpot, or even snag an extra ball. Slowly, I began to forget about the machine once it left the bowling alley location later that year.

Fast forward to 1996. My ex-girlfriend and I were bowling at another alley about a half-hour from home called Greengarden Lanes. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a rich black cabinet that I had not seen in years. As I got closer I could see a cloud "topper" on the backbox and the picture of a hand holding a sword etched into the front of the cabinet. Once I reached the machine, I began to remember and the addiction began all over again.

My story continues with information and pictures from my
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