As written in the WD? manual




The center scoop is the ELEVATOR in "Tony's Palace".

The left shot is ELEVATOR UP
The right shot is ELEVATOR DOWN
The center shot is ELEVATOR EXIT

There are 11 floors:
Basement, Main Floor, 2nd thru 8th,
Penthouse, and The Roof.



Exiting a floor collects the award for that floor:

BASEMENT: Starts Multi-ball
Main Floor: Lights ROULETTE and SPINS for Slot Machine
2nd Floor: Spells TAXI to award a CLUE and lights the phone
3rd Floor: Collect evidence OR pick who dunnit
4th Floor: Spin Slot Machine
5th Floor: Collect evidence OR pick who dunnit
6th Floor: Collect EQUIPMENT
7th Floor: Elevator Madness multi-ball
8th Floor: Pick who dunnit
PENTHOUSE: Penthouse Party (if key is collected)
THE ROOF: Catch the killer



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