Before I traded my previous Star Trek: TNG, I shot a videotape of it to send to the buyer (so he could
check out the condition of the machine). Here are a few sounds and an .mpg I grabbed from that tape.
The sounds are all in .WAV format. Most are 15s. or less (none are over 30s.).

1. GAME START: Game Start / Lock 1.
2. Q GAME: Q's mission game.
3. LIT LOCK: "Readings indicate lock is lit sir"
4. BORG ATTACK: The BORG attack before multi-ball.
5. MULTIBALL: "All hands prepare for multiball!" / Ends with jackpot!
6. ASTEROIDS: Asteroid mission game.
7. EXTRA BALL: "Get the extra ball" / EB awarded!
8. DATA BONUS: "Thank you Mr. Data" bonus!

The "Final Frontier" multiball is pretty intense. The excellent lightshow mixed with
a slew of wild balls makes for a definite adrenaline rush. Here is
a 17 second .mpg of the FF mode. Notice all of the balls flying
out at once. What a rush.

"The Final Frontier" (1mb w/ sound)