Here are pictures taken of my previous STAR TREK: TNG machine.
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The following were taken with a disposable camera and scanned.








When Star Trek: TNG originally aired on television, I was just about to start the sixth grade. Due to the urging of my friend Mike, I watched the first season. From that moment on, I became hooked and learned all about sci-fi for the first time. So, when I found a Star Trek:TNG pinball machine at the Millcreek Mall, I pulled all my quarters out and dumped each one of them into the coin slots. The modes, multiball and overall design was so well done I could not get enough. However, it was the DCS sound that stood out the most with its beautiful orchestrated music and custom speech from every cast member of the show. Even my favorite villain Q made a trip ("Maybe someday you'll learn to play pinball!"). When I first heard Picard say, "All hands prepare for multiball!"......I was speechless.

I noticed a great deal for a Star Trek: TNG online at a place in Canada called SRG Industries. In the summer of 2000 their employees lugged this widebody mess down my stairs, a feat definitely worthy of a beer or six. Unfortunately, the legs were accidentally left at the American/Canadian border. DOH! So, the game sat on a few chairs until days later when the legs were shipped to me. The good news? They were the original black legs included with the game when it was new.

Cosmetically, this ST:TNG was very nice. The cabinet was beautiful with only minor scuffing. The playfield was almost perfect with a couple of cracked plastics and minor wear around the Neutral Zone hole. The backglass shined. I remember removing a bulb behind it because Picard's head appeared to have a flashlight installed. After some waxing and the replacement of the trough optos, the game played perfect.



Like all of the games I eventually sell off, the hope they go to a good home is a priority. ST:TNG was no different. Just because a game doesn't survive the "addiction" test in my collection doesn't mean I still don't believe it is one of the best games ever made. Luckily, a collector from New Jersey came and took it away. Ralph has given it a great home!

"Had you propelled the ball from the proper tra........"!"
"Thank you Mr. Data!"!"