Bally/Williams, 1996

"Safe Cracker, the winning combination!"



Member of my collection: 2003



Something different. That is the best way to describe a game of Safe Cracker. Not only is there a board game on the backbox, but the playfield is smaller, the flippers are tiny, and your main goal is to win a magic token (verses achieve a replay, wizard mode or Jackpot). Pat Lawlor and the design team tried something different with this pinball/novelty game hybrid. Although they only produced under 1200 of them, SC is a unique pinball experience!



SAFE CRACKER PICS: Photos from my SC game.

SAFE CRACKER, MY STORY: My personal history with the game.

SAFE CRACKER, MY GAME: My personal machine and information.

SAFE CRACKER TOKENS: The various SC tokens.

SAFE CRACKER MEDIA: A few sounds from SC.

SAFE CRACKER PROMOS: Scans of my SC promotional materials.

SAFE CRACKER IPDB ENTRY: The Internet Pinball Database entry for SC (off-site)