Here are some pictures taken of my Ripley's BION machine.
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As I've mentioned many times over the course of my website, Pat Lawlor is my favorite pinball designer. After Monopoly was such a great "step-up" for Stern Pinball and Roller Coaster Tycoon was fun (yes, I liked that nyah), I was excited to hear that he was producing another. Ripley's seemed like such a cool license, almost Twilight Zone in a soft-license sort of way where anything could be done.

After reading-up on the internet and getting anxious, I saved up enough to pick the game up brand new. I enjoyed the unique setup of the game and many of the Lawlor-traits still intact. It had a unique look and that "new-pinball-smell" is always awesome.


Ripley's remained in my collection for about five months. Shortly after buying, I found myself not enjoying it anymore. The lack of originality in modes (a few of them are almost identical), clunky feel to the shots, and frustrating feed to the top right flipper really started grating on me. Although I still feel it's a fun game, it didn't live up to my expectations and I enjoyed it much less than previous Lawlor efforts. Luckily, I sold it to Rick F., so I got to meet a great collector friend.