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Holy Toledo!

It's My Pinball Weekend


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"Holy Toledo, It's My Pinball Weekend"

In March of 2005 I, along with my girlfriend Jamie, visited Dr. Scott's
Pinball Store "grand-opening" celebration in Maumee, OH. It was a great time with 100s of games setup for play as well as Pat Lawlor (pinball designer) making an appearance to sign autographs and pin-chat. That weekend we also attended Eric A's party in Michigan with the MPL gang along with great games and pinheads galore. Both were a great time. And both........are on this DVD!

The quick story? Okay.........originally I intended to just take the
digital camera in order to shoot some photos for my website. Well, what began as "instead let's bring the digi-camcorder with us for fun and film Pat Lawlor signing my stuff" turned into hours of miscellaneous weekend footage.

So although we never went out-of-town with the intention of making a DVD, I think some of the footage is very interesting and wanted to share it with other pinball enthusiasts (or people easily amused). I've quickly spliced out unwanted stuff, cleanly edited and ended up with
around 45 minutes of pinball!


Inside the DVD:

- Dr. Scott's grand-opening celebration including the ribbon cutting, tour of the building, Pat Lawlor signing and pinball playing. *Quick thanks to John Hoge for donating some photos for the film*

- Eric A's MPL gathering at his home in MI

- A look at some absolutely horribly maintained games we found on location along the way

- A sad look at a mall with NO pinball (what is this world coming to?)

- 11 random games showcased at all the various locations including prototype The Who's Tommy and production games such as Guns 'n Roses, Fire!, and Elvis.

- Plus much, much more...........


If you want to check out some DVD pinball fluff, shoot me $5.00 to my PayPal address and I'll get a DVD out to you. I think you'll enjoy it.

$5.00 (includes shipping to the USA, first-class mail)

PayPal to: spida1@verizon.net

If you're interested in multiple copies, are outside the USA or want to pay a different way other than PayPal, then send me an e-mail to the same address and we'll work something out. I can also provide a VHS copy if you would like or if you have trouble playing the DVD. The DVDs are burned onto DVD+R media.


If you're still not sold, here are a couple "MPG" examples I uploaded of the actual DVD. These are all cutdown in quality for purposes of load times.

Dr. Scott's ribbon-cutting and segment intro (4.4mb):

A look at the "prototype" THE WHO'S TOMMY machine (6.3mb):

Short clip of Pat Lawlor signing autographs at the show (5.3mb):

Edited clip of one of four games found on location (6.3mb):

Thanks for reading.

Chris Bucci