The "X-Mas" pinball party: December 18, 2004.

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This X-Mas party turned out to be excellent, even though the weather was anything but. The snow started falling that afternoon and by the time festivities began, the inches were piling up and the blizzards began. I am thankful anyone showed up at all (especially people who struggled coming here from out-of-town). Luckily, the weather cleared up by early Sunday morning when the party ended so people could get home safe. But, we were definitely "snowed-in."

Still, 41 people was a pretty good turn-out considering. I was very happy and we all had a great time, gave out some great prizes and ate some awesome food. Thanks to Mark McIntyre for letting us use his Jokerz machine (I was shopping it for him and it was almost finished) and Pat G. for bringing his vending machines for everyone. ;)

Sorry, didn't keep stats on the games this time around.




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