I have set up this website in order to dedicate a little extra time to my favorite hobby. Many pinball companies have closed their doors over the last decade (some of whom had been with pinball since its inception), leaving Stern as the only company standing for production of new games. Luckily, Stern is very competent and their products have been excellent so far. These days, the hobby could use all the support it can get.

To me, one of the greatest things about collecting is that each game has a "story" behind it. I don't buy just any machine. There is a certain indescribable feeling I get which forces me to lean toward a specific game. Examples of this feeling could be the result of cherished memories or recent positive play action on a certain machine. Sharing these stories is an invaluable part of the pinball hobby and the overall basis for starting my website.

This site will eventually have dedicated pages for every pinball machine I own or have owned. Each game will have a personal story/history, pictures, and information on my specific machine. Each game will have related scans and info on any promotional items I have collected. Each game will have various links and fun items to read about and view.

My site will be very basic in its presentation. I have an HP computer with basic software. I design the pages with "Corel Web Designer" and some basic HTML knowledge. I have a decent scanner to get some pics on the site which I usually take with disposable cameras. Although, I recently picked up a nice Olympus digital camera to take some sharper pics. I guess my point.....it will be basic. Why don't I just upgrade all of my computer equipment? Because, that would take away from the money I will use on my next pinball machine. Duh!

Hopefully the simplicity (which I often feel is not a bad thing) will be overshadowed by the content. I hope you enjoy your stay in my pinball web space. Thanks for visiting and please contact me with any suggestions, comments, or questions.

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