Here are some sounds I grabbed from Terminator 3 during play. Also, check out
an .mpg of the "RPG" gimmick.

The sounds are all in .mp3 format. Most are 20s. or less (none are over 30s unless noted.).

1. GAME START: Game Start / Mystery shot
2. END BALL: Shoot around / End-of-ball bonus
3. PAYBACK: "It's Payback Time!"
4. MULTIBALL: MB started and jackpot
5. VIDEO MODE: Playing through the video-mode
6. RED: "RED" mode
7. TX CHALLENGE: "Shoot anything!"
8. EXTRA BALL: EB lit and awarded
9. ASSAULT: Assault mode
10. INITIALS: End of game and initials enter
11. MATCH: End bonus / Match / End music
12. ORDERS: "I am not programmed......"

The RPG backbox gimmick.

RPG (20s., 1.7mb)