Who really cares about me? Well, you clicked on the link. Therefore, at least one person does.

Hello! My name is Christopher Bucci. And I live in a van down by the river!! ;)

Well.......the first part is correct......I actually live in a house. I am 30 and reside in HarborCreek, PA (a subsection of Erie) where I was born and raised. I am lucky to have a mom cool enough to let me enjoy my "collecting" hobby when it began at age 16 who also lets me store the games in the basement (until I get my own digs to place them in). I am also lucky to have a wonderful girlfriend Jamie, who listens to my pinball stories, helps me clean ramps for games and goes to pinball shows with me on a constant basis. Saints I tell you.....saints! ;)

I graduated from Mercyhurst College in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts degree (majoring in Communications) here in Erie, PA. For five years I was employed locally as head-editor/director of post-production at Pro Video Productions, Inc. We were both a production facility and advertising agency. Since we were a rather small company, I also was able to do other things related to the field (acting, writing, producing, directing, etc.)

Now I work part-time in production at Z3 Concepts, Inc. and do "video-editing-freelance" from my home. Other interesting tidbits: I ran the board operations on the weekend at Star 104 (Erie's #1 radio station) for a year, I do a lot of freelance acting and voice over work, and I also participate in local theater. I try to perform whenever I get a chance.

Aside from pinball, my other favorite pastime would have to be movies. I love to go to the movies and collect my favorites on DVD (although lately I buy very little). In fact, I've moved up starting with VHS, then to LaserDisc then to DVD. Movies are something I have always been into and probably always will. In fact, my ambition (aside from being on Saturday Night Live someday) is to work in the movies. Someday. Somewhere. Somehow.

I also like baseball. Even though I don't follow all aspects of it, I love the Cleveland Indians. They have been my team since I was a little kid (and were also one of my grandfather's favorite teams.....so it's a tribute...I miss ya' Pup!). I love going to Jacob's Field over the summer.

So there you go.....you asked for it! There was a brief description of "who I am". Want a picture of me? You'll have to become a member. :)

I'd love to hear what other collectors do aside from play/restore/collect the game of pinball. Drop me a line sometime!


Christopher Bucci

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